Hello there... three or four members

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Hello there... three or four members

Post  Varine on Fri Aug 12, 2011 1:30 am

So I figured I might as well be the first, hopefully we'll start getting some more people here once we get out of the lull of writing and have a somewhat active community.

I'm Varine, I own Aeternal Designs (which, incidentally, was originally developing this mod). I'm the lead (or rather, only) programmer and I've taken up managing this again for the time being. Other than EoE I'm working on a game engine called the Desolation Engine, and a couple of games and a few other things that aren't related to games and will probably not be of much interest.

I also enjoy building boats (I'm currently designing, and soon will hopefully be building, a 25 or so foot vessel inspired by pirate ships and some Asian designs I like) and I'm attempting to make a grand mechanical orrery (not going very well). I also like to go diving, I'm working on getting my instructor certification. Luckily I live in north Idaho near Lake Pend Oreille, which is a very large lage (it's one of the deepest in the country [US]; the Navy tests submarines here sometimes). Something like 150 square miles, and the deepest point is a little over a thousand feet. Pretty soon I'll also try and get my certification in underwater welding (I want to build a small hotel here... they let everyone else build whatever the fuck they want, I don't see why I shouldn't be able to) as well.

Anyway that's about my life. I also thoroughly enjoy Vodka, Rum, and Jager. Not a fan of whiskey, but would gladly partake in some nice scotch, with some cheesecake (which I still insist is a pie...).


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